Customer Experience Evolution

In a hospitality industry a traveler or a diner, enable’s their ability to do justice, to their decision from the tremendous amount of choice available. The customer’s vital intent is to content from your brand in  your appealing theme, personalized services, friendly yet privacy policies. As you complete your services, it may seem you have simply delivered, but the customer reflects in a sigh, expression of delight. What did you do! You created a magical experience to the unspoken expectations, with pride defining, “a dynamic equation of tranquil action and non-complex  reaction”.  Don’t get confused. You started the journey, customer will travel it further to connect and communicate via the digital 360 degree connect platforms. You created
Loyal guests
Retained customers
Satisfied brand ambassadors

They will spread in hidden lines “I met my expectation here and never forget my experience.” So, how do you fulfill each customers’ experience palate! As an open venue seeking to optimize this opportunity, your customer centric trained touch points, should read and perform on individual customer’s expectation, while maintaining a balanced uniformity of services. The secret in today’s customer experience cookery recipe book, is not to confine to single offerings anymore. You need to add attributes. A brand’s, defined quality, clean ambiance, suitable music and good service, pricing, engagement, combines with “suit your need as you come here” concept. It’s a delicate area, as you hold to the brand identity, yet innovate within the essential lines within your tradition tagline. See around as hostels to hotels to boutique brands to home share, nest-away to tents, all are making customized offerings and suiting the expectations to fulfill, that is where the customers carry with them their experience and are happy to come back for more.

Customer Experience Evolution
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